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You have just finished your welding training and you are very excited to begin with your new career. Before you start, you will have to watch videos created by some safety companies. These videos should be given much attention. These include safety tips that are very useful in every welder. This will also include what welding gear you should have and their purposes. Always bear in mind that your safety is of utmost importance here. Check out to get started.


Take a look at the operating manual before starting with the job. These will give you ways and tips to ensure you safely weld using the best techniques.


Below are some of the safety gears you should have as a welder.


1. Safety goggles which are intended as a protection for your eyes. During the process, there are bright UV rays and sparks all over and safety goggles keep your eyes from welder's flash or Photokeratitis. This is an inflammation that is similar to sunburn affecting your conjunctivas and corneas. Painful symptoms can be felt after few hours later. Your eyes will start to tear up and it seems like your eyes have sand inside.


2. Do not forget to wear safety footwear which will keep your feet from possible injury you get while working. The footwear you should have is made of quality material like leather. It be best if it reaches above your ankles. Before wearing it on the job, be sure that is intact and in good condition. Never wear other kinds of shoes because they may not give you the protection you need for your job.


3. Welding helmet is another safety gear you should have during your welding job. This gives additional protection to your eyes. These ensure that not brightness and sparks will damage your eyes. With this, you can be sure that your eyes are very safe. Visit to read more about this.


4. Finally, you have to wear proper clothing before starting your job. This should completely cover you skin because sparks may fly around. Of course, you want to enjoy your new job and don't want to just get burned. In case you are burned, then you have to stop and make sure to ask help from anyone to check if you were injured. If yes, then wash the injured area with running cool water. 


These are the different safety gear that you should be wearing when on your welding job. When you have all of them, then you're ready to work. Visit to read more about this.